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Dog training and Canine Behaviour 


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I'm Phil, I have a lifelong passion for dogs whether walking them, training them or simply just watching them interact with life.

I am a dog trainer and canine behaviour specialist with over 25 years experience with dogs and now focus my knowledge on reactive, rescue and young dogs so they have the best chance at a happy life with their new family.

I have qualifications from the International academy, the National Dog training academy as well as certificates in Canine reactivity, body language and canine emotion from the renound Dog training college.

I am also a lifetime membership holder with The Dog training college.


I believe that there is no such thing as an untrainable dog and that you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks.

My aim is to help all dogs have the best life they can through combining an understanding of the each dog but also understanding and supporting you as owners to help your pets reach their full potential

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I strive to pass on as much knowldege and support to my customers so that we do not have to face into dogs being abandoned or given up for rehoming but through good core behaiours and manners they lead a long and loving family time.

Sadly though there are many cases where young dogs are needing rehoming for all sorts of reasons. I will always offer my services to help the wonderful people that give a place in their homes to bring back a wag and a smile to these dogs 

I work using modern positive reinforcement and rewards approaches that will stimulate and encourage your dogs to develop the skills we ask of them in our world. I train the trainer, which means I train you to have the skills, techiques and tools to understand your dog and have a confident, comfortable and well behavoured family member.

Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email for an initial chat and we can arrange a home visit to meet and see how I can help your dog become a Wagalot dog.

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Despite many beliefs that as owners we've caused our dogs behaviour issues, in fact genetics and early life experiences can massively influence how your dog manages a variety of situations of which we as owners have had little or no input.

I will support you to understand what the issue is, the triggers that build it up and how you as owners can help your dog overcome issues such as excessive barking, lead reactivity, anxiety, fear and agressive tendencies​.

       Canine behaviour

Initial consultation, behaviour plan and first session


5 session package 

1 x face to face Consulation,

Behaviour plan 

2 face to face follow up's


Additional face to face sessions


3 session package

 1 x face to face Consulation,

A behaviour plan

2 x face to face follow up

 1 video / Zoom follow up


Core Puppy and Dog training

Puppy training

3 sessions £140  in your home environment

One to one Dog training - At your home

Initial telephone / zoom consultation - Free

Single training sessions


2 sessions 


3 sessions


Contact me directly to discuss

Price list




Wagalot pet services, Southampton

Call Phil  - 07542668378

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